Technology/Multimedia: My Dream

Learning About technology, coding, software was always my passion. I do it every day and I apply it mostly to my school days. Especially in Adobe Softwares, I can see that you can do any art digitally. There are millions of designs, logos, websites I can make with them and not having to sweat to find software that can barely function. It encourages me to have an independent work because most of my time, I can’t rely on my surroundings to work for me. I have more trust in myself that I can do things that others can do it on their own. I also open a new online service that design logos, Covers, Cards within 2 weeks the latest. Technology has been around me for a while and it really affects my life where I am now (school). It will continue to guide me my way to the future and will be brighter for others also.

STEM: Science

STEM is great. It had helped me developed my knowledge and understanding, helped with other projects such as geography of Cambodia which involves designing and editing. This term we only focus on the S which is Science. I learned about planets in the milky way and how scientists are close to successful make life available on Mars and many more of that kind. I enjoy working teams and experimenting around so I don’t just read about it and do the test. It needs more focus because some of the work requires to do deeper research and more concentration to the teacher and articles. It was very challenging but fun at the same time.


English Literacy: Focus

English literacy is big subject. It has different kind like reading, writing and many more. English is also an important thing at Liger because I was required to speak English. Although at first I might disliked the rule but later on, I can accept that was a fair rule. If I were to go abroad to study, I would need to have a high English level or I can’t communicate really well there. My favorite part about this essential is that some work are required for us to work independently. Independent work really helped me on improving myself more than being in a group. It helped me understand who I am now and what can I improve to make myself better. I want my self-esteem to be high and that means trusting myself more on the subject and not relying on others to help me out. So far I see that I have been the person I wanted to be on that term and I will improve more later on.

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Math: Supporting

In my opinion, Math is a really useful subject. Some people might contradict but it’s true, Math is a really useful subject. It helped me with my understanding of other subjects too. Math is like the people who edited the film but the director gets the fame. It helped me understand more softwares like Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Indesign and more. It helped me with STEM like how to calculate Atomic mass, what the atomic numbers mean, where to find the atomic numbers in the periodic table and many more. It played a supporting role through my year and I always carry it around with me while I’m doing my work that needs a little bit of help from it. Math is great.  

Khmer Literacy: Poems

This is very great and fun for me. Khmer is always the language cambodians use and it was created in a unique way back in the past. Learning this really improve my writing in Khmer and also increases my understand of the way Khmer language was made and how it is spoken to different people. My favorite part of this essential this term is that we got to write poems. I’m not a poet or even planning to be one but it’s fun for me considering that I’m bad at poems. I tried on that session and got 3 poems out of it. Here it is:


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Geography of Cambodia: Publishing Team

Cambodia is always where I lived ever since I was born. It is held in a special place in my heart. Cambodia has many different great features like Angkor Wat, Kulen Mountains and many more. I’ve spent 1 year working on this project and at the end, I know it’s going to be a great book. The project is about the geography of Cambodia. If you go and look in the store, you can’t find books about the geography of Cambodia that was made in Cambodia. It is very rare that books in Cambodia are famous in other countries. The project’s goals were to create a book for tourists and government schools to apply to their curriculum. What special about the book is that is was made by young Cambodians and it is for also young Cambodians. The researching process took 1 year and it involves all the juniors to contributed to the project evenly except for the designing team which has more work to do and I was in it. It was hard because we couldn’t really agree on which format or layout to be in the book but after that everything had gone well. Doing this will help me improve my editing skills for photos and videos and it will help me in the future if I will be in a film industry. It was great and I’m proud of everyone and I’m proud of Cambodia.