STEM: Motion

For me, I didn’t get to learn much in class because I was busy with other projects and trips but I did get to learn the materials outside of class. I learned about myself that I have the ability of catch up work because I missed 3 weeks of work but I tried and tried to learn and catch up on the work. It was exhausting but at the end, I did learn


STEM: Carbon

In this course, I learned about the science of carbon. Did you know that your body contain carbon? You probably might not know and it’s the same for me. The Carbon Cycle is what keeps the carbon keep rotating. Trees take CO2 from the atmosphere and release oxygen, We, humans breathe in Oxygen and release C02 and the cycles keep rotating. Organism decay, Plants respiration also contributed to the cycle. Deforestation distrupt the cycle very badly like taking wheels from bikes. 

STEM: Chemical Bonding

In stem class, I have studied Chemical Bondings. The chemical bond is the of attraction between atoms and ion. In chemical bonding, they’re three type of that such as Ionic bonding, Covalent bonding, and metallic bonding. An example is Ionic bonding is the force of the attraction that holds together positive and negative.

STEM: Science

STEM is great. It had helped me developed my knowledge and understanding, helped with other projects such as geography of Cambodia which involves designing and editing. This term we only focus on the S which is Science. I learned about planets in the milky way and how scientists are close to successful make life available on Mars and many more of that kind. I enjoy working teams and experimenting around so I don’t just read about it and do the test. It needs more focus because some of the work requires to do deeper research and more concentration to the teacher and articles. It was very challenging but fun at the same time.