Math Round 4

On this math course, I actually learned a lot about math and about myself. I found out that I liked to learn math alone but then teach other people about it. I used to just learn everything slower than everyone else but in Math class, I felt like I learn a lot in class and clarify and learn more outside of class time. I felt that in math class, I got to learn faster and more efficient than any other class because I think my facilitator taught me very well and I would like to appreciate her. I learned in this calss faster also. In the end, I’m looking forward to next round and will achieve new goals in the future.



Mathematics: Decimals

In math course, we learned about decimals such as substracting, addition, multiplication and division. We just started our new books which is Marshall Cavendish Education, Primary Mathematics Standard Edition, 5B. I was excited to get the new book because it felt like I was stuck in 5A for so long. I learned alot and I know I will progress.

Math: Importance

Math has really been interesting for me this year because I got to do lots of activitie in that involves math in a fun way. I really appreciate that I have this subject because not only it is really useful but also useful for other areas like engineering or architecture. It’s really interested me is that I get to work on mini-projects with teams that really improves my collaboration skills. Collaboration is really useful if you’re opening a new startup or even work in other projects that involves a team. I will use that skill later in my life because I know that that is very important

Math: Supporting

In my opinion, Math is a really useful subject. Some people might contradict but it’s true, Math is a really useful subject. It helped me with my understanding of other subjects too. Math is like the people who edited the film but the director gets the fame. It helped me understand more softwares like Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Indesign and more. It helped me with STEM like how to calculate Atomic mass, what the atomic numbers mean, where to find the atomic numbers in the periodic table and many more. It played a supporting role through my year and I always carry it around with me while I’m doing my work that needs a little bit of help from it. Math is great.