How I Change Cambodia? Year 2 – 2018 – 2019

I didn’t know anything about this when I came to Liger. I didn’t have this at home. I used to think everything was developing the right way. I thought everything was perfect at my home. I realized that it wasn’t when I came here. I was looking at the problems in Cambodia on holiday break. I want to give my knowledge here to my hometown. I tried one time by opening a school in my hometown to people who wanted to learn English. I said “It’s not hard. My dad taught school for 2 years and he said it was not hard.” It was kind of true because the teaching part is easy but getting them to come and learn is difficult. Some of them came at first and a few more came. I was teaching them for free because I know they don’t have that much money. I didn’t think this was a change at all. I thought of it as it was a way to waste time. I started to teach them some English. I taught them for about 1 month until I needed to go back to school because I was in a summer break. It was a little change I made there and until now I still remember it. I hope they still remember what I taught them. I didn’t have any teaching experiences and it was my first time. Now when I go to my hometown, I was famous for English speaking.


My third year has been very interesting for my interests. I’ve been involved in many different things such as animations and camping and solar-powered pi computers. But the one thing that was inspired by was filming. Last year, I got the chance to go the Phare ពន្លឺសិល្បៈ to see performance of Khmer arts. I was amazed to witness these incredible talents from Cambodians. I talked to one of the talents and was very interested in his story. I also talked to the person who filmed a film about the performance and he introduced me to Chaktomuk Theatre and all of the amazing films. I got to see music videos made by Cambodian with incredible skills and effort, got to see amazing films by young filmmakers. I was amazed and came back to school with a passion for filmmaking.


I didn’t really enjoy filmmaking at all when I started Liger. The only film project I was involved in was a documentary about the effect of water. I played a role as a writer but I didn’t really enjoy it than being the editor or the videographer. That project didn’t really impacted me and change my goals for my future but recently I’ve been working with a group of talented people on a movie. I really enjoy working with them because I’ve been close friends with them and they were very fun to work with them as a teammate. It changed my perspective as I what I would be doing in the future. I have a ton of work on my hands but I always find the time to work on small projects in the category of filming. Chhayachhay Chhom, my friend(at least I thought so) gave me a lot of inspiration for me. When I’m around him, I don’t really show that I appreciate him but he really changed me as a person and I’m glad I met him. 


I have a few things I wanted to do for the upcoming future but people always ask me; how can filmmaking give you lots of income? How will you find a job? I can only answer that with ”We’ll see what happens”. It might also not be the best choice but If I’m forced to study business rather than creating a full series of comedy, I would have just dropped out and be a freelancer.




A documentary I made during my first year about water. It was my first ever documentary!

The Three of You

A “professional” film I made with a crew in my third year. I was the sound designer for this film and it was a very fun experience.

Photo Roman

I short film I made about a person who’s seeing duplicate things(you’ll see what I mean).

Project-Series 2.0

Take 1:

Hello World!

This is a webpage.


— Program Has Ended —-

Me: I think this is too simple. Why don’t I improve it?

Take 2:

Hello World! (with colors!)

This is a webpage. (that’s me)

Goodbye. (see you)

— Program Has Ended —-

Me: I think the web address is too long.

Me: Bunleap(My Friend)! Can you buy me a custom domain? I need it for a project.

Bunleap: Hey, man. Use You can get a free domain there. Here let me show you.

Take 3:


Hello World! (with colors!)

This is a webpage. (that’s me)

Goodbye. (see you)

Me: That’s Better! Well, I should take a break.

It’s been one month already since I started this project. Let me tell you a story:
At the start of the term, my assignment was to create a final project. After school, I was thinking on my way back. “What do I want to do?” I thought. “What do I like? hmm…. poems?…..yeah I like poems. let’s do it.” I thought again. “Wait. How can I connect that to multimedia? hmm…….” I realized. “Why not make a webpage talking about how to writes poems.”. I came to a conclusion and I decided to do it.

I started to work on this project right away. There are many obstacles which interfered me during my progress. I had to research the instructions and make sure it’s a reliable source. My web is designed to teach others how to write Khmer poems and showcase some of the poems written by viewers. I’m hoping in the future that I will add more features and design to my webpage to reach Cambodians who want to learn Khmer poems.

Currently Developing Website: khmer-poem–

English Literacy R4

I’ve been progressing so far lately. Since the start of the year, I was ok with English when it comes to speaking but when it comes to writing, I was terrible. Now, I can see my progress is progressing in a fast rate, thanks to my teacher, Hannah. It also helped me with my other portfolio posts. My experience with this course has been very incredible. I got to collaborate with my peers and work on projects together. In the future, I want this experience to repeat in this course because I really enjoyed it.

Outdoor Leadership

In this exploration, I got to do a lot of hiking in Mondulkiri and it was actually my first time there. It was hot in the days while I was hiking but it was super cold when I was sleeping in a tent. When we hike, we got to see a lot of birds camouflaged on the trees. The hike was exhausting by itself but my friends would just make everyone laugh especially Huykea, Sakseth, Rayuth and more. They kept me happy and energetic throughout the hike on the steep mountains. Nature also gives me fresh air and breeze which also helped me on the hike.

My favorite part was when I cooked the food Mondulkiri. When we got to the elephant site, I got to cook the food there by using the bamboo sticks. We cooked pork, fish and Phnong soup. It was my first time cooking that way and it was an awesome experience doing that.

Something that was difficult was when we were hiking because the path was narrow, kind of steep and slippery. I fell a few times but luckily, it wasn’t much of an injury. A solution I found was when I plant the stick behind me and go down if I were to slip, I still had the stick to hang on to. This solution works 70% of the time.

The most rewarding part of this trip was when we got to eat the big lunch at Mondulkiri because I got to help make such as putting the meat onto the sticks, washing the vegetables for the soup and I got to see and know how to cook the food the old way.

There are Two people I admired during this trip was my friends: Sakseth and Huykea. I admired them because when I hike and was very tired with no energy left, they made jokes and sang songs together that brings more energy back to me to keep going, We also have the same personality such as eating, playing and working together.


Take 1:

Hello World! 



— Program Has Crashed —-

Wait, why my code doesn’t work again?

Ok. Let me fix it

Take 2:

Hello World! This is a simple program that you see here. I mean you can’t see the actual code but you you can see this text which is the result in the console. Most people think this program is easy to write but I dare to write this code now and run it. Where would you go? What would you do? Ok, I win. I told you writing a program isn’t easy. It is very hard to understand. It’s impossible to learn code. It’s SO HARD!

— Program Crashed Again —

Wrong text, Wrong text!


Take 3:

Hello World! This is a simple program that you see here. I mean you can’t see the actual code but you you can see this text which is the result in the console. Most people think this program is easy to write but I dare to write this code now and run it. I tell you writing a program isn’t easy. It has many obstacles and erROr to it. It can be very frustrated and tired but I want to learn it. I want to learn and devolop my own website and app. If anyone has a dream to do something that they always wanted to do, they’re going to get it even with impossible obstacles blocking them. For me, learning to code had always been fun. The best part of it is that I get to learn this independently on my free time. It allows me to discover more things and see the world differently. I learned Python in class but that’s not the only language I can write. I learned HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, etc. I want to create something with this and I will create it. But first, I need to start somewhere. I started and progressing through.

— Program has Stopped —

Update will be renew on May 9th 2019


Here are some of the projects I did:

Rock, Paper, Scissors Game:

Team Chooser:

Turtle Race:

Rainbow Turtle:


STEM: Motion

For me, I didn’t get to learn much in class because I was busy with other projects and trips but I did get to learn the materials outside of class. I learned about myself that I have the ability of catch up work because I missed 3 weeks of work but I tried and tried to learn and catch up on the work. It was exhausting but at the end, I did learn


Math Round 4

On this math course, I actually learned a lot about math and about myself. I found out that I liked to learn math alone but then teach other people about it. I used to just learn everything slower than everyone else but in Math class, I felt like I learn a lot in class and clarify and learn more outside of class time. I felt that in math class, I got to learn faster and more efficient than any other class because I think my facilitator taught me very well and I would like to appreciate her. I learned in this calss faster also. In the end, I’m looking forward to next round and will achieve new goals in the future.



Community Traveling Theater

Set Design was a awesome experience for me because it gives me a chance to show that I can be a back stage person. The actual play was amazing but wasn’t created by me but for me I did do a lot. I helped them shine like the stars they are. This exploration gave me some experience for me to what’s feel like at the back stage where the talent grew. I wish this exploration happen again.

Traveling Theater Poster
TOSMERL, Liger Community Traveling Theater


Multimedia: Python

A great experience I have so far in Liger. Learning computer programming was one of my passion and dream and I get to practice it in class because most of the time, I was self-taught.

In the course, I learned about Python which is a programming language specially for beginners. Since I already spent one year at Liger learning to code, I was familiar with the program. Even I already know, I still push myself to the very limits and help others along the way.

Python GIF

Helping others learn is what my session has been like. It helped me for my leadership skiils and also to help my lovely friends to climb up to the sky.