Outdoor Leadership

In this exploration, I got to do a lot of hiking in Mondulkiri and it was actually my first time there. It was hot in the days while I was hiking but it was super cold when I was sleeping in a tent. When we hike, we got to see a lot of birds camouflaged on the trees. The hike was exhausting by itself but my friends would just make everyone laugh especially Huykea, Sakseth, Rayuth and more. They kept me happy and energetic throughout the hike on the steep mountains. Nature also gives me fresh air and breeze which also helped me on the hike.

My favorite part was when I cooked the food Mondulkiri. When we got to the elephant site, I got to cook the food there by using the bamboo sticks. We cooked pork, fish and Phnong soup. It was my first time cooking that way and it was an awesome experience doing that.

Something that was difficult was when we were hiking because the path was narrow, kind of steep and slippery. I fell a few times but luckily, it wasn’t much of an injury. A solution I found was when I plant the stick behind me and go down if I were to slip, I still had the stick to hang on to. This solution works 70% of the time.

The most rewarding part of this trip was when we got to eat the big lunch at Mondulkiri because I got to help make such as putting the meat onto the sticks, washing the vegetables for the soup and I got to see and know how to cook the food the old way.

There are Two people I admired during this trip was my friends: Sakseth and Huykea. I admired them because when I hike and was very tired with no energy left, they made jokes and sang songs together that brings more energy back to me to keep going, We also have the same personality such as eating, playing and working together.

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